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 ORCAN product range
motoren ORCAN engines from Nova Rossi, with optional tuning by MH Motortuning

 ORCAN product range
 Exhaust systems
reso ORCAN innovative exhaust systems manufactured in top quality by HIPEX
 ORCAN product range
fuel ORCAN fuels developed for high performance and maximum engine lifespan

 ORCAN product range
 Glow plugs
kerzen Nova Rossi top quality glow plugs for 1/10 and 1/8 onroad and 1/8 offroad

 ORCAN product range
 Care products
pflege ORCAN care products for superior car and engine care

 ORCAN product range
zubehoer Practical, useful accessories for the ambitious RC car driver

 ORCAN product range
karossen Manufactured by TRT – "Made in Germany"

 ORCAN product range
bekleidung Stylish and practical.
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 Orcan Vertriebspartner
 Orcan distributor
 Orcan Vertriebspartner





ORCAN engine service booklet

Right on time for the new season we are pleased to announce that our brand-new engine service booklet in German and English is now ready. The booklet is included ....

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The German nationals are Ready

Congratulations to our Driver for the super result. I am proud that in the VG10SCA Final the first 6 Driver used our ORCAN engine . Also the moste driver in that class used ORCAN many thanks for the trust and the good job in the race from driver and Mechanic.
Special Gratulation to the lucky winner Dirk Wischnewski ( always hard work pays off ) also to Melvin Tobias Tim and Jakub ( Qba next time more luck !) Gratulation also to Henrik Eilers for the second place in the Youth class in his first XRAY year.

Gratulation and Respekt also applies Bernd Hasselbring for the hard fight and Winn in the VG10SCASP sport class and the good final result from his team mate Lars Poburski.
Last but not least many thanks to the AMC Hamm Team with Uwe Baldes , Heinz Kroezemann and Stefan Hanauer for

The great race and the great job .

First round of central German nationals qualificat

After super bad weather forecast we have good weather condition and a good racing weekend with a lot of fun and good races in 4 classes . I am mechanic for all winner. congratulation to my friends Hartmut ( with his new Xray RX8 and ORCAN GT7 and David ( with his Xray NT1 ) in the 1/8 class B and in the 1/10 hobby class And to Dirk ( with ORCAN RSR3 ) in the 1/10 class and Dennis Weihert in the 1/8 A class also congratulation for the podium in the 1/8 A Olaf Engelmann and Fabian Bahl in the 1/8 B class both with Xray RX8 and Marcus May and Alex Kien with ORCAN RSR3 .

Many thanks to the team Wiesbaden for the good race organisation and the good catering .

See you all on the next race

ENS ´2018 Finale

Congratulation to Jilles Groskamp for the overall win of the ENS series and to all 4 ORCAN driver in the Final to help that the ORCAN RSR-MH is the most popular engine in the Final. But that all is possible why all .....

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A.Hagberg continues with ORCAN

I am glad to announce that I will continue my partnership with ORCAN and Mr. Bertram Kessler in 2016, as our main goal will be to defend our WC title in Gubbio later this year! I will run the full range of ORCAN products in my car including the new RS3MH�CR engine, the new fuel OF3016 Plus, as well as after run oil and other chemicals from the ORCAN product line. I will continue to use the popular ORCAN by Hipex exhaust system in my NT1 too.

I am looking forward to another great year with the ORCAN team!

Dirk Wischnewski continue with ORCAN

I am very happy to continue the cooperation with the ORCAN. As 2016 is a world championship year, I will trust only the best engine. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
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 ORCAN RS9MH´CR 3.5 cc engine
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 ORCAN Sound of Racing T-Shirt
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 ORCAN A. Hagberg Edition
SMI ORCAN News ORCAN A. Hagberg Edition Starting 1 December 2015 and for a short time only we have just 25 exclusive Alexander Hagberg Edition ORCAN RS3-MH CR 2... [Read more]
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 Using and maintaining model engines
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 ORCAN fuel line
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 New ORCAN Buff
SMI ORCAN News Neues ORCAN Buff SMI presents its brand new ORCAN World Champion Buff in black featuring white logos. The original ORCAN Multi-functional... [Read more]
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 ORCAN Push Box
SMI ORCAN News ORCAN PUSH BOX  ORCAN presents its new PUSH BOX. Integrated into the pressure pipe to the tank, this box is designed to ensure consisten... [Read more]
 SMI ORCAN News 27.05.2015 
 ORCAN magnetic tin
SMI ORCAN News ORCAN-Magnetdose ORCAN brings you the new ORCAN magnetic tin, great for keeping screws, body clips, bearings and much more all together i... [Read more]
 SMI ORCAN News 29.06.2013 
 ORCAN manifold S+
SMI ORCAN News ORCAN Reso-Krümmer S+ The S manifold is extremely short and designed to work with ORCAN's OA1910, OA1911 and OA1915 pipes. The manifold enable... [Read more]
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 ORCAN engine pouch
SMI ORCAN News ORCAN Motor-Sack For the safe storage of 2.11 ccm and 3.5 ccm RC car engines. The ORCAN engine pouch is made of cotton with a drawstring ... [Read more]
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 ORCAN protective cover
SMI ORCAN News ORCAN Car-Condom Protective jacket for transporting 1/10-scale nitro and electric cars. ORCAN's protective cover encases the entire car i... [Read more]
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 ORCAN multi-purpose bag
SMI ORCAN News ORCAN Multifunktionstasche Bring order to the chaos with the ORCAN multi-function bag, ideal for carrying engines, tools, car care products and spa... [Read more]
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 GT3-C SPEC 2013
SMI ORCAN News GT3-C SPEC 2013 For fast race tracks. Specially developed for medium-sized and large race tracks like Lostallo (CH) and Fiorano (I). The... [Read more]
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 GT3-S SPEC 2013
SMI ORCAN News GT3-S SPEC 2013 For twisting race tracks.The perfect power house for race tracks with short to mid-length straights, tight corners and l... [Read more]
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